17 Ways to Lose Weight Faster


osing weight is a slow process. A few calories contain a lot of energy, so it takes time. However, there is plenty you can do to move the process along. Adopt a few, small habits and your weight loss will be accelerated.

Try these strategies…

Skip breakfast. This may be counter to the advice given to you as a child, but recent studies show that skipping breakfast can be a healthy way to lose weight. Research the term “intermittent fasting” for more information.

Stick to no-calorie beverages. It’s easier to drink a lot of calories than to eat them. Sugary drinks can add a lot of calories in a hurry. The same goes for your morning latte. Water is the best option.

Add coffee or tea to your diet. Try to avoid adding milk or sugar. The caffeine found in both can suppress appetite. Caffeine has also been shown to mobilize fat stores.

Eat more fiber. Fiber can fill you up, stabilize blood sugar levels, and keep you regular.

Eat more unprocessed foods. If you only eat meat, vegetables, fruit, and grains, it’s not easy to eat enough to maintain a heavy body weight. It’s the man-made foods like pasta, bread, cookies, ice cream, and cheese that usually create an issue.

Take a morning walk. Instead of having breakfast, put on your walking shoes and take a tour of your neighborhood or hop on the treadmill. A 20-minute walk can do wonders if done regularly.

Make vegetables the main course of every meal. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, and most have few calories.

Track your diet. Use a diet-tracking app or software to keep track of the foods you eat.

Get enough sleep. Those that sleep less than 6 hours tend to have a higher percentage of body fat. Your body doesn’t operate optimally without enough sleep.

Move more. Find ways to add more steps to your day. Park further from the door when you go to work or to the store. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Use interval training. Taking a long walk is great, but it’s even better if you add in a few sprints. Long, easy workouts can burn more calories during the workout, but intense exercise burns calories for hours.

Weigh yourself each day. Keep a spreadsheet of your weight and take an average at the end of each week. When you measure something, it tends to change.

Have an appetizer. Carrots, celery sticks, and salad are good examples. Fill up a little on healthy food before the main course.

Eat mindfully. Pay attention to your food. Notice the taste and focus on the sensation of eating.

Be careful when eating out. It’s easier to throw caution to the wind while dining at your favorite restaurant. Try to eat at home where you have more control over the situation.

Get a partner. You’ll stick to your diet and exercise program better if you have a partner to keep you accountable.

Eat slower. Chew your food completely. Drink a full glass of water with dinner. Count to five between bites. Do whatever is necessary to slow down and you’ll eat less.

While nothing will allow you to lose weight as quickly as you’d like, there are many things you can do to expedite the process.