Losing weight is a constant challenge. Many of us face a barrage of media each day that discusses how to lose weight, yet for some reason, we might not be able to.

Summer marks the beginning of many peoples’ weight loss journey – and some people will have succeeded. If you are one of the dedicated few who put themselves to the test and passed, you might be worried about the fall and winter season which is coming quickly.

Fall marks the start of harvest and holiday season – where you can basically walk into any store and find a wealth of food that will break you from your diet and exercise program.

For thousands of years, humans have put on weight during the fall and winter and lost it for the summer hunting months. With that said, most of us are not hunters or farmers. We just want to lose the weight and keep it off.

Here are some of the most effective ways to keep off the weight that you worked so hard to lose (and perhaps even lose a few more pounds) during the fall.

Increase Protein Intake

One of the most challenging points for most people is their lack of good adherence to a macro split. In some cases, this can mean weight gain and an inability to stay in shape. Increasing your protein is one of the easiest ways to ensure you maintain that weight loss going into the fall and winter seasons.

Protein is macronutrient that is not stored – meaning any excess calories are simply passed through as waste – making it very difficult to put on weight with a high protein, low-fat diet.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

Way too many people lack fiber in their diet. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) for fiber is around 30-40g for the average adult, yet most people get around 10g a day.

Sure, you can grab yourself a fiber drink – but why not just eat some whole-foods? Foods like fruit, vegetables, and ancient grains are filled with a good source of fiber and are relatively low in calories.

Fiber will help you to feel full so that you do not overeat, and it will help to keep your digestion regular too.

Stay Motivated

It can be very difficult to stay motivated when the beach season is over.

Many people seem to stray off their workout program and pack on a little bit of weight during the offseason. Now, this isn’t the end of the world and lots of guys will actually use this as an opportunity to bulk, but if your goal is to maintain previous weight loss, staying motivated is essential.

Instead of having the same goal, it would be best to set a new goal, like a winter marathon or an indoor event that takes place during the winter. This will give you a reason to show up and put in work each day at the gym and in the kitchen.

Keeping Off the Extra Pounds

Maintaining weight loss in the fall is no easy feat. With your motivation slowly sliding away and more and more foods coming into the stores, it can be really easy to overeat on unhealthy foods and limit your strength and weight loss.

In order to stay in shape, it’s important to continue doing what you’ve already done to find success.

Keep it simple and have a clean diet with a complete workout program. Alter your goal to stay motivated and find a gym buddy that can keep you accountable. Together, you can stay in shape in the off-beach season.