Lose Weight by Adding These Inexpensive Foods to Your Diet

You don’t need to spend a fortune on exotic fruits or strange supplements to lose weight!

These common, inexpensive foods can help you get rid of the extra pounds:


Beans are some of the least expensive items you can put on a grocery list. Most stores sell large bags of various types of beans at low prices. You can find fresh, dried, and canned versions, so you can select the ones you like.

Beans help you stay full for longer periods of time. In addition, they have fiber and other nutrients that your body needs as you try to lose weight.

Beans can be added to soups, chili, casseroles, salads, and other dishes. You can even roast them to eat as a snack throughout the day.


Bananas contain a starch that has been shown to help weight loss in studies. They also have nutrients like potassium that are essential for your health. Bananas can also satisfy your cravings for sweets!


You can buy plain oatmeal in bulk and eat it for breakfast every day. Studies show that oatmeal is a great breakfast option because it gives you the nutrition you need, so you avoid feeling hungry during the day. If you eat oatmeal at the start of the day, you’re less likely to overindulge at lunch or dinner.

Oatmeal is inexpensive and can be dressed up with fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, or other simple additions.


Broccoli is inexpensive, easy to find in any store, and research studies show that it can help you feel full. It has vitamins such as vitamin C and other nutrients you need as you battle your weight.

If you hate the taste of raw broccoli, consider sautéing it with other vegetables. You can also find low-calories sauces that help mask its taste, so it’s easier to eat.

multigrain pasta

Multigrain pasta can help you with your carbohydrate needs and budget. The generic brands are even less expensive than the name brands. It’s important not to ignore your carbs because you need them for energy.

Multigrain pasta can also have fiber and other added nutrients.

It can help you lose weight because it will fill the craving for carbohydrates without making you turn to unhealthy junk food.

PLain Yogurt

You can find inexpensive, plain yogurt in large jars. Yogurts with nuts and fruits tend to cost more, but you can add these items on your own and save money.

Yogurt has been shown to help weight loss because it provides protein and makes you feel full. It’s a good snack that also has calcium and often has vitamin D. A large container can last for several days, so you can eat it for breakfast or as a snack.

Your grocery budget doesn’t have to suffer if you’re trying to lose weight. Take advantage of foods that are not expensive and still tasty that will help you eliminate the extra pounds. You can stay on budget and feel healthier at the same time.