Kids Fitness…

Exercise Should Be Fun!

As parents, we all want to instill good, healthy habits into our kids’ daily lives.

We want to show them things like how to eat well, how to sleep well, how to behave well, and how to love physical fitness. It’s important, therefore, that we show them how much fun it is to work out, to work hard.

Our Kids Fitness Program is built on fun first, because if it’s not fun, then they’re not going to come back; and if they don’t come back, then we can’t help them make physical fitness part of their daily lives.

We’ll teach the kids things like how to run, how to jump, how to pick things off the ground, and how to get their chin over a bar. We’ll do it in a way that’s fun, that’s game-based, and that appeals to their desire to play. Games like Musical Medicine Balls, Freeze Tag, Knock-the-Cone, and Limbo will show the kids that fitness is a blast. At our Kids Fitness Program, it really is all fun and games!

Major Improvements In Body & Mind

The benefits of exercise are no different for our kids than they are us. After just a few sessions, expect to see your kids happier and more full of energy. You may notice that their outlook on life is sunnier and that they have better overall moods. And one of the best side effects? We see a noticeable difference in the confidence levels of physically fit children. 

In our Kids Fitness Program, in addition to physical fitness training, we work with kids on teamwork, good sportsmanship, boundaries, manners, delayed gratification, and self-discipline. These are the kinds of skills that lead to mature, successful, and happy adults.

Who Is Kids Fitness For?

Our Kids Fitness Program is for kids ages 6-12.

There are no prerequisites to join the program, and your kids don’t have to be at a certain fitness level to enroll. All levels are encouraged to join us!

When your kids come to class, all they need is the right attitude, a willingness to listen, and a willingness to learn.

For many kids, they’ll be stoked about coming to class! For others, they’ll be highly intimidated. Our warm, empathic coaches will be there to guide the kids, no matter their motivation or excitement levels, through a fun, challenging class.

Kids Fitness

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so we want to encourage our kids to be around those that care about healthy living. The best part about your kids joining our program is that they are going to meet and train with friends that are all trying to reach the same goal: to be healthier in both body and mind! 


5 Stars
Best gym ever! I went from not exercising at all for over 10 years... to the best shape of my life! 


5 Stars
Best gym ever! I went from not exercising at all for over 10 years... to the best shape of my life! 


5 Stars
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