Time alone can be healthy and peaceful. But a life of true fulfillment includes time with others as well. Spend time with friends and family this summer to stretch your comfort zone and experience the joy and fulfillment you deserve. In the summer, your choices for fun activities that promote companionship are almost endless.

Conversations keep your mind sharp. Physical games keep your body active and fit. For a balanced lifestyle that promotes your happiness, include activities with others that keep you sharp physically and mentally.

Staying Mentally Fit This Summer

Summer is a great time to be outside. But when the rain comes or the temperatures become too hot for outdoor activity, summer provides you with a chance to relax and develop your mind instead.

When your body is physically worn out from the longer days and physical activity of summer, go inside for mental games that challenge your creativity, focus and concentration. That way, your mind will experience the same summer growth and renewal as your body.

When the heat of the day gives way to the nighttime sky, play games with friends around a campfire. Relax on the beach under the stars. Enjoy stimulating conversation with those you love about the things that are important to you. Whether at play or rest, you’re never far away from an opportunity to learn and grow.

Not sure what you can do to increase your mental fitness this summer? It’s easy to forget some of the mentally challenging activities you have available at this time of year. Here are a few life-giving choices you might not have considered:

* Go shopping with friends for games to play together.
* Debate an issue that you’re passionate about. (No need to fight, though!)
* Ask others to share something that’s important to them.
* Talk about any aspect of life that you deem important.
* Discuss the potential existence of an afterlife.
* Learn something related to science together.
* Take a class to learn a new skill or a new language together.

The key to making the most of this summer is to take advantage of the social opportunities around you. Stretch your imagination and act as if it’s impossible for you to fail. The fitness and happiness you desire can be yours if you take full advantage of the companionship of others in the warm summer heat.

Balance Physical Activities With Mental Inspiration

Summer is the season to be physically active in the outdoors. Beach volleyball, running, and playing in the park are popular activities that get your heart pumping and your body moving. But slowing down once in a while is important, too.

A picnic with friends, for example, can provide stimulating conversation that keeps your mind sharp and active while giving your body the rest that it needs to thrive. The key is to balance activity for your body with relaxation and mental stimulation.

Spending time with others allows you to learn more about them and connect with them on a deeper level than you ever thought possible. Seek opportunities to share your summer with others. If you do, you’ll continually improve physically and mentally. You’ll also develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with the people you care about most.